We believe in the power of entrepreneurship – and an entrepreneurial spirit – to tackle global challenges, transform communities, create jobs, spur economic growth and close the opportunity gap that confronts far too many people here in the United States and around the world.

In order to accelerate thriving local and global communities, we support the development of sustainable, market-driven models to build skills, networks and pathways to unlock the potential of first-movers and risk takers everywhere. We want to see more entrepreneurs deployed across all sectors – starting businesses, running sustainable social enterprises, and bringing fresh ideas to old challenges.

We believe that through entrepreneurship, we can create more vibrant communities, a stronger America and a more prosperous world, close the opportunity gap and scale creative solutions to persistent problems. That’s why we’ve launched initiatives such as the Startup America Partnership, and why we continue to support organizations such as UP Global and exploring paths for entrepreneurship to improve economic mobility.

A sense of economic opportunity is like fire – when ignited, it spreads quickly. We intend to stoke the fire and support the visionary changemakers ready to take action.

our current FOCUS

Global Entrepreneurship

Strong startup ecosystems that nurture potential entrepreneurs play a critical role in helping to solve complex social challenges.

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Inclusive Entrepreneurship

We believe in leveling the playing field for all entrepreneurs—particularly women and people of color—in all places in order to create stronger communities, close the opportunity gap and scale creative solutions to persistent problems.

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Impact Investing

We believe that business, entrepreneurs and the power of the markets can drastically increase the talent and resources available to sustainably solve critical problems.

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Featured Content

Starting Up America: A Progress Report

In 2011 we launched an effort to bring entrepreneurs back into the national spotlight as critical drivers of the American economy.

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The Startup America Partnership: Moving UP

+SocialGood brings us together to solve challenges such as improving health and expanding economic opportunities for women.

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Startup Diplomacy: Announcing the Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship

Steve Case named to national effort to boost entrepreneurship in the United States and abroad.

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