We believe that impact investing is revolutionizing the way we put investment dollars to work by aligning the pursuit of profit and purpose. While excited about the flurry of activity across the impact investing landscape, the movement has yet to hit tipping point. Though we have moved from inspiration and education – to activation, – we will need to work with others to increase the flow of capital into impact investing, successfully moving from niche to mainstream.

DATA: The Next Frontier for Impact Investing

Many actors looking to get into impact investing have a simple question – “who is active and what have they done?” In a nutshell, this is why the Case Foundation, working with partners across a broad spectrum of the impact investing ecosystem, built the Impact Investing Network Map.

The Network Map demonstrates the publicly available transactions between investors and companies within impact investing. We believe that by bringing the connections between actors to life – looking specifically at the investments that connect them – we can foster a better understanding of the size, breadth, depth and, importantly, the enormous potential of this field.

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How We Work

As we continue to strive to grow impact investing from niche to mainstream, we’re focused on three specific opportunities for scale:

Scaling Capital

Engagement across a diverse set of actions will help the movement hit its tipping point. Bringing in large-scale investor segments, innovators, first-movers and new players will drive it to the mainstream. Traditional financial institutions, advisors and institutional investors also play an expanding role in this growing market.

Building the Ecosystem

We created the Impact Investing Network Map to offer a snapshot of what the market represents and to demonstrate how open data from the sector can take impact investing to the next level. But we know that efforts like these are only possible as more organizations share information around investments. Changing the culture around disclosure and transparency is key.

Creating On-Ramps

The face of wealth and asset ownership is changing. Women and millennials are poised to inherit large sums of money and gain control over family finances. These groups of investors see an inextricable link between profit and purpose. To serve the variety of needs for these new decision makers, we need to change the way we think about traditional finance approaches.

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